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Right now, many people love using jewelry. The jewelry may be made of gold, platinum, silver, diamonds, gemstones and many more. A lot of people have them because they want to collect them. If you really want your jewelries to look good, take good care of them. You may think that all jewelries are easy to clean but you are wrong. They are very expensive objects, but they look dull after years of usage so clean it properly. You need to follow the guidelines in cleaning your jewelries to prevent regrets in the future. Use the best jewelry cleaning cloth to bring back the shine of the jewelries again. Be consistent in cleaning it and do not use chemicals that can destroy it.Jewelry cleaning cloth with the proper chemicals for clean and shiny jewels:Are you using the right jewelry cleaning cloth for your jewelries, armlets, necklaces, rings and bracelets? Let people drool, seeing you as one of the people that have the best jewelries. To achieve having a best looking jewelry, use a jewelry cloth. This is a cloth that is pre-treated with added chemicals that can surely bring out the beauty of the jewelries. It can clean different jewelries such as silver, gold, brass and platinum.How to use a jewelry cleaning cloth:When you have jewelry, you have an investment in your hands, so take good care of your collection. Go ahead and let people gasp at the beauty of your jewelry, but you need to make an effort in maintaining its luster. When you use a jewelry cloth, you can surely save money and bring back the shine and gleam of the jewelry you have. And you only need to spend a small amount of money to take care of it.First, get your jewelry cleaning cloth and use the compound side to clean the surfaces of the jewelry. Rub it properly, and be careful not miss any of the surface because it can affect the shine and gleam of the jewelry. Second, Use the buffing side of the cloth to remove the compound placed into the jewelry by massaging and wiping it properly. Rub the cloth while holding the jewelry to make the jewelry shiny and brand new.So what are you waiting for? Try your best to maintain the beauty of your jewelry. Do your very best to take good care of your investment. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money just to clean your jewelry when a jewelry cleaning cloth can surely be used to get all but the toughest jobs done.

How to Properly Take Care of Your Fashion, Wedding, and Bridal Jewelry |

There’s a timeless saying that “jewelry is a woman’s best friend”. It makes sense right? Nothing makes a woman feel more beautiful, confident, and sexy than expressing herself through her jewelry. Whether it’s wedding/bridal jewelry crafted by expensive overseas designers or fashion jewelry pieced together by an artistic street vendor, it’s no secret that woman are always on the hunt for that “special” piece which makes them stand out from the crowd. While bridal jewelry and wedding jewelry may be once-a-lifetime gifts (depending how “rich” your luck is), it often carries with it a hefty price tag. Although fashion, or costume, jewelry is a bit easier on the bank account, it’s still an investment none the less and like all investments, it’s important to maintain them long-term. Besides, you want your jewelry to keep its look for as long as possible, right? Even the prettiest diamonds can lose their shine over time if they aren’t properly maintained. In this article, let’s review some of the most common methods to ensure your jewelry lasts you a lifetime (or in the case of fashion jewelry, at least a shopping season).First, let’s start with the basic steps for taking care of your jewelry. Never allow fashion jewelry, wedding jewelry, or bridal jewelry to come in contact with any chemicals which can fade or ruin the item. These include oils, perfumes, soaps, colognes, shampoos, etc. As a general rule of thumb, it’s important to remove your jewelry before showering, washing your hands, or doing anything that may subject them to harsh chemicals. This tip may seem a bit obvious, but often times our wedding or bridal jewelry tend to become so engrained into our lives that we often “set-and-forget” – try to make a conscious effort to store them away when you’re not in the public eye.The second tip is a great add-on to the first one. Many of us forget to take off our fashion jewelry when doing common things like washing our hands before meals. Although exposing your jewelry to water is certainly not advised, it’s understandable that fretting over fashion or costume jewelry rarely happens since it’s not as valuable. However, if it’s important to you to take care of your jewelry, make sure not to store it when it’s wet. Before you store it away for the day, take a few seconds to dry off the fashion jewelry with a soft cloth. This will go a long way in making sure that unique piece of fashion jewelry remains the envy of your friends and family.Finally, let’s talk about the actual storage of jewelry. This tip applies to all kinds of jewelry – from fashion jewelry to more expensive wedding and bridal jewelry. Always take measures to make sure that you store the jewelry in a clean, dry, and relatively cool place away from heat, dust, and harsh chemicals. A nightstand kept in your air-conditioned bedroom is always a great choice.We’ve covered three important tips for taking care of your fashion, wedding, and bridal jewelry. For the more expensive wedding jewelry and bridal jewelry, make sure to keep them away from harsh chemicals and store them in cool, dry, and clean places. For the more unique fashion jewelry, make sure to not store them when they’re wet – even if it’s from natural causes like rain or water. As a general rule of thumb for all of your jewelry, it’s important to develop a conscious habit of inspecting them from time-to-time. If you see any loose stones or scuff marks, you can look up some cleaning solutions online or take them to a professional jeweler for repair. Don’t let your long-term investment fade away – nurture your fashion jewelry, wedding jewelry and bridal jewelry and they’ll remain your best friends for life!

Stylish Celtic Jewelry – Modern, Elegant and Affordable Choice |

Wearing the latest clothing, footwear, and accessories is not enough in today’s fashion world. Your dressing will always remain incomplete without adorning yourself with jewelry. However, wearing jewelry is not a new trend, people have been adorning jewelry from the past thousands of years. Today, the desire for fine jewelry has grown by leaps and bounds. Many of them are investing in jewelry pieces with designs that maintain everlasting luster. In simpler words, many people prefer Celtic jewelry, which offers unique stylish designs.Both men and women like Celtic Jewelry, as it possesses an irresistible charm and appeal. Many of them go for this stylish jewelry because it is considered as modern, elegant and affordable choice. Here we will discuss some of the reasons why many people are going for this type of jewelry.Available in different forms
Today, Celtic jewelry is available in different forms. Celtic crosses and rings are some of the most popular forms of this jewelry. Very often, Celtic rings are used in special occasions such as an engagement or a wedding because of their deep meaning and timeless charm. Celtic Jewelry collections include different options such as rings, earrings, ear cuffs, necklaces, watches, headpieces, tie bars, money clips, earrings, key-chains, bracelets – both for wrists and ankles, and even toe rings.Expresses the wearer’s unique personality
Each piece of this jewelry shows the personality of the wearer through its unique symbols. No other jewelry expresses the wearer’s very unique personality with such deep meaning, beauty and charm. You can also go for custom handcrafted designs, which can be tailored according to your preferences to show your uniqueness. You can even choose from a variety of existing, pre-designed pieces.Many affordable designs available
It is important to be frugal in tough economic times to lead a decent life. Choosing this jewelry over other expensive jewelry will enable you to save money without compromising on quality, style and elegance. People who have not tried this jewelry may think that it’s unaffordable and don’t consider buying it.However, thinking that Celtic jewelry is extremely expensive can be a major mistake. It is more affordable than many other forms of jewelry. Moreover, many stores especially online shops today offer this jewelry at reasonable prices well within your budget.Perfect jewelry for many occasions
Celtic jewelry makes any fashion outfit perfect whether you wear it in a wedding, birthday party or any event. Many people also consider it as a perfect gift for any occasion. Since it has timeless charm, you can rest assured that it will match any outfit on any occasion.This jewelry items are great gifting ideas for Christmas, anniversary, Valentines day, birthday, Mother’s and Father’s day. Celtic jewelry is a gift any person will enjoy receiving.Lot of demand for Celtic jewelry
Though Celtic jewelry was created by the craftsmanship of ancient Celts many centuries ago, it is very popular even today around the world. It possesses irresistible charm and appeal to both men and women of all cultures and countries. Celtic jewelry, which usually consists of intricate symbols and designs become so popular that it is easy to find them in many jewelry stores and online stores. You can easily find these wonderful pieces of jewelry on Internet.Celtic jewelry is modern choice
Over the years, it got refined into today’s innovative pieces that appeal to many people both men and women. This elegant jewelry is the modern choice of people. It has become a modern, trendy or classic jewelry, which everybody loves to wear.If you are looking for modern, elegant and affordable Celtic jewelry, search for a reputable store online. Remember, there are many shady stores offering low quality jewelry. Make sure that you purchase from a decent store, which has been serving thousands of customers over years.

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Any person would agree that his jewelry is one of his prized possessions. Some of his jewelry pieces may have been received out of the love and appreciation of a loving family, a smitten spouse or partner, an appreciable boss, a grateful colleague or as a prize for being a great employee. Needless to say, what make jewelry pieces special are the gesture, value and reason of receiving it. As much as jewelers meticulously manage to store and preserve the luster of their collections, ordinary individuals would also want the same level of care for their own personal collections of jewelry. Whether it is an invaluable family heirloom or as fancy as costume props, putting them in a wood jewelry armoire gives your collection the meticulous storage measures that it deserves.Jewelry boxes are perhaps the most popular choice of jewelry storage. For one thing, jewelry pieces are often sold with their individual felt lined or cushioned boxes. Gone are the days when means of jewelry storage are limited to boxes and sealed containers. We now see the stylish wood jewelry armoire, a furniture piece that proves to be reliably stylish in organizing, storing, protecting and securing your jewelry for the coming years and generations.Jewelry is one of the most popular gift ideas for both men and women. In this light, proper storage furniture like an armoire must be the second most popular gift item. Unlike traditional boxes and chests, a jewelry armoire has multiple drawers and compartments where you can conveniently store and organize your rings, bracelets, earrings, cuff links, pins, pendants and watches. Depending on the design, each compartment and drawer may be given locks for added security. Unlike traditional chests and boxes, armoires can provide enough space for your every piece of jewelry, from teeny tiny diamond studs to chunky pendants, bracelets and necklaces.Just like other designs of jewelry storage, a jewelry armoire also comes in different styles and materials. However, the wood jewelry armoire proves to be the ideal jewelry storage. Of course, there are other options for jewelry storage. You can pick an adorable fabric jewelry box, satin or velvet. You can also pick a leather jewelry box and valet. You may also settle with travel jewelry boxes, which provide more compartments to accommodate a wide assortment of jewelry items. There is also the jewelry roll, which is simply a plastic zippered jewelry container. But while these materials conveniently provide handy storage for your jewelry pieces, they offer very little in protecting the quality of your jewelry. Fabric boxes can easily be crushed with pressure; thus, ruining your gems and pearls. Leather boxes can be too hard, hard enough to scratch and ruin the sheen and polish of your jewelry. Plastic is more problematic as it typically traps moisture, which is a big no-no. Hence, the wood jewelry armoire provides you with the most neutral material and most appropriate and secure jewelry storage.Just like any wood furniture, a wood jewelry armoire will look lovely in any corner, surface or wall. Beyond aesthetics, they seamlessly complement the demand of every piece with ample level of care and protection. It is durable enough to last a lifetime. Its elegant and tough design and construction sure meets your equally profound taste for jewelry. Overall, a wood jewelry armoire makes a fine gift or personal investment.

Marketing Basics for Handmade Jewelry and Wholesale Jewelry Business |

If you are a creative person, with a good sense of design and flair, you may be able to start your own handmade jewelry business. It is actually fun making handmade earrings, handcrafted necklaces and handmade bracelets. Selling your handcrafted jewelry at retail shows is a great way to learn what the customers want and make some money as well.You can market your handmade jewelry in various ways. You can establish your personal internet handcrafted jewelry retail store, sell to gift and jewelry shops at wholesale jewelry prices, rent booths at local craft markets and art fairs, or advertise your jewelry making skills and get custom orders for specific items. You can also sell your handcrafted unique jewelry on consignment at local specialty boutiques.Because people are so very different, they want unique jewelry pieces that are different as well. One-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that nobody else in the world makes can get you quite a bit of money. You will want to be known for your quality custom jewelry and unique designs. Always choose the highest quality gems and stones for your items, and be sure that the workmanship is brilliant. Become selective, never making any two pieces alike and more people will want to buy your handmade unique jewelry items. This is the most difficult route because you need to find just the right type of customers.You could work together with a local boutique owner and design handcrafted jewelry pieces for specific outfits in the store. Also you could work with bridal shops and create handcrafted unique jewelry sets for their best-selling wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses. They have the right customers already in the store, so you are giving the store owner the opportunity to increase sales by creating matching handmade artisan jewelry and accessories.Alternatively, you could go the other direction and make lots of like pieces selling them at wholesale jewelry prices. You need to create beautiful, unique handmade earrings and handmade bracelets quickly, easily and price them reasonably. You would take orders from local shops and display your handmade jewelry at wholesale gift shows. And just like that you have become your very own wholesale jewelry company.The wholesale jewelry business does demand creative thinking and skill, and it also requires the ability to promote yourself and your handmade jewelry products. You must possess business knowledge to be successful and creative talent to make handcrafted jewelry that sells. You will also need advertising and sales skills to promote your wholesale jewelry enterprise properly.It is difficult to be a master of all trades so you must decide what you really want to do and where your greatest strengths lie. Making handmade jewelry and selling retail may be perfect business for you if you want creative freedom while wholesale jewelry will make you more money. You could also purchase handmade jewelry items from hundreds of wholesale jewelry companies on the internet at very low prices and focus on just the business aspects. This way you can choose the very best handmade jewelry styles in the quantities you need and re-order them as they sell reducing your business risk.Any way you look at it, handcrafted jewelry is a great business to have fun and make money as well. It can be as simple as you like, working only on weekends or can grow into a successful full-time business that will provide a good income.

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Jewelry has always been a part of women’s lifestyle from the ancient times. Be it a festival, a social gathering, any religious ceremony or any political affiliation, you can always see women displaying varieties in jewelry. This has been a best friend for them since then. Silver and gold jewelry is even worshipped according to Hindu mythology. This ancient art of jewelry can be found in buried objects or through paintings and sculpture. It’s very difficult to find them originally. Now days there are innovations in jewelry according to the changing trend.In previous time jewelry basically consists of hairs, feathers, scales, shells, wood etc. in the modern era, jewelry has precious and semi-precious stones embedded in gold silver, diamond copper and brass. Jewelry is designed to wear as earrings, nose rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings etc. you can find exemplary designs of precious stones with the amazing craftsmanship. Exclusive collections of fashion jewelry are made keeping in mind the latest trends.Fashion jewelry is one of the classes in the world of jewelry. This type of jewelry is made up of high quality raw materials. They are available in unique designs and attractive colors. This jewelry is best to suit your apparels and give you a stylish look. One more type is the costume jewelry which is made of less valuable things like glass, plastic, synthetic stones or other low quality metals.You always have to take some caution while handling any type of jewelry. As they are very precious so should be kept at some hidden places or in bank lockers. It’s not necessary to flaunt your very precious jewelry everyday. You have other options for this where jewelry is made of less valuable materials as described earlier. These stones are very prone to getting damaged with the environment or chemicals so avoid their contact.These days a no. of fashion jewelry stores is helping you to have stylish jewels of your choice sitting at your place only. You just have to switch on your pc and browse through different websites to search for your choice. These websites have all information you required. These online jewelry stores not necessarily exist physically in the form of any showroom but part of online jewelry businesses. Some of these kinds of online stores are leading exporters and suppliers; some are retail stores for regional buyers. These online stores providing a collection of unlimited modern, custom beaded and traditional designs and never fail to satisfy you with the product designs, quality and cost. Customer satisfaction is their priority in any deal.The online stores have varied categories of jewelry that includes fashion jewelry, diamond wedding jewelry, handmade silver jewelry, yellow gold jewelry, gold wedding bands, rose cut diamond rings and other bridal and fine jewelry. In fashion jewelry lots of designs options available like chain design necklaces, antique rose cut diamond fashion bands, sapphire diamond bracelet and many more. People could book their orders anytime at any online jewelry shopping stores in 24 hours. You can also contact any business through contact phone or leave a mail to their email address these all information are available on websites contact us page, and hope you will definitely get your reply soon by website owners or marketers.

10 Important Facts About Jewelry Cleaning |

Over time jewelry can lose its right-out-of the box sparkle. Tarnishing and scratches can occur from every day contact with objects and chemicals. When looking online there are many articles about cleaning jewelry and some can actually harm your jewelry. We can restore this shine and remove light scratches be using easily available items to make your jewelry shine like brand new.Before getting started with jewelry cleaning, here are a few tips:• Never use or allow your jewelry to come in contact with chlorine or bleach. It is a good idea to take off your jewelry before swimming and also if you are giving someone a hair coloring.• Jewelry will tarnish more frequently in humid climates so cleaning and polishing will be needed more frequently.• Most of the time you will be able to clean your jewelry at home, but there are times when a professional should be the one cleaning the jewelry. If your jewelry is heavily tarnished or has soot from a fire, you should consider having it professionally polished and cleaned. The jeweler will be able to remove the stones to clean underneath. This will allow light under the stone so the stone will sparkle again.• Before you begin handling your jewelry, check that the stones are secured on the piece by trying to wiggle each stone with your fingers.• Loose stones will fall out while in an ultrasonic. This is actually a good thing. It is best for a stone to fall into the ultrasonic than to lose it. A jeweler can usually set the stone for you which is cheaper than having to purchase a new stone.• Never clean your jewelry in a sink where it could fall into the drain.There is an old wives’ tale of using toothpaste as a home remedy for cleaning jewelry. Toothpaste is abrasive and can harm fine jewelry by leaving scratches. There are You Tube videos where cheap jewelry is cleaned with toothpaste, but never use it to clean fine jewelry or anything which has a high gloss finish.
There are many articles on the internet which suggest using household items like Windex, alcohol, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and a soapy water solution. These solutions may not be harmful to your jewelry and may clean your jewelry some, but here is a little secret about how professional jewelers clean your jewelry.Cleaning your jewelry at home1) Check that the stones are securely set by gently trying to wiggle each stone.2) If there are scratches or tarnishing, use a polishing cloth to bring back the shine and remove light scratches.3) Soak your jewelry like a professional. For best results use an ultrasonic. A small bowl can be used if you do not have an ultrasonic. Pour half water and half Mr. Clean into the ultrasonic then pour a small amount of ammonia. This is a mixture that many in the jewelry industry have been using for years. This is equal to using a professional jewelry cleaning solution and is safe for all types of jewelry including pearls, opals, and emeralds. Allow to soak for 15 minutes.4) Take your jewelry out of the ultrasonic and lightly brush with a soft toothbrush.5) Rinse in cold water.6) Dry your jewelry with a soft towel. A paper towel can be used as long as you don’t rub the ring. Compressed air works great and drying with steam is how the professionals do it.More professional tips• If you have an old opal stone which has cracked over time, try soaking the opal in baby oil for one or two days. This technique can make the cracks seam to fade away.• If you have a tarnished sterling silver piece a mixture of baking soda and water can be used to brighten the piece. Mix just enough water with your baking soda to make a paste. Then use a soft toothbrush to clean the sterling item with the paste. Rinse with water and then dry.• You can also use a sterling silver dip instead of the baking soda paste. The dip is easier to use and is sold at most jewelry stores for about $5.00. Simply place your jewelry on the basket included in the dip bottle and lower into the cleaning solution for 15 seconds. Rinse then dry. One example of this type of dip is named “Hagerty”.• Most jewelry stores will clean your jewelry for free. Just ask them to clean, but not polish. Keep in mind that stones may fall out in the ultrasonic if they are loose and the jeweler will charge a small fee per a stone to set them again.Polishing clothes, small home ultrasonics, and sterling dip can be purchased at most jewelry counters and nowadays there is a jewelry counter at most large department stores, in malls, and even at super shopping venues like Wal-mart.